Delineation of adhesins on S. gordonii, S. mutans, and S. pyogenes interacting with salivary gp340

Species and strainPhenotype% gp340-mediateda:
S. gordonii
    DL1 ChallisHsa+ Ag I/II+6037
    UB 1545Hsa Ag I/II+711
    UB 1360Hsa+ Ag I/II3839
    UB 1552Hsa Ag I/II30<1
L. lactis
    MG1363Hsa Ag I/II<1<1
    MG1363 (pTREX1-usp45 sspA)Hsa Ag I/II+458
S. mutans
    NG8Hsa Ag I/II+36 (74)5 (24)
    834Hsa Ag I/II3 (25)<1 (1)
S. pyogenes
    A8173Hsa Ag I/II2931
    A8173-1Hsa Ag I/II Mga6118
  • a Shown is the percentage of aggregating cells, measured by decrease in OD700, of the total number of added bacteria. Also shown is the percentage of adhering cells of the total number of added bacteria. Values in parentheses represent the adherence (percentage) of bacteria to hydroxyapatite beads coated with a larger amount (12 μg/ml) of gp340.