Description of ORFs contained in the BPF genomic island

ORFSize (bp)% G + CHomolog(s)cScoredE-valuee
150139943.1Phage D108 repressor protein CI593e-08
222821933.8Phage D108 Ner DNA-binding protein807e-15
32,0102,06142.0HI1478, phage MuA transposase3791e-104
441791542.2HD0095, phage MuB transposase1561e-37
520423139.7HD0096, hypothetical protein477e-05
650750747.1HI1483, Mu host nuclease inhibitor Gam1863e-47
715916541.5Haso109501, hypothetical protein537e-07
837546537.6Phage PY54 ORF 50704e-12
935427640.1HD0495, hypothetical protein440.0005
1048946235.7HD0110, Mu-like E16 protein1201e-26
1137535136.4CV2165, phage transcriptional regulator1191e-26
12420NAf32.6No significant homologyNANA
1353751944.7HD0112, N-acetylmuramoyl-l-alanine amidase3053e-82
1423122839.8HD0114, conserved hypothetical protein1137e-25
1538425238.0HI1496, hypothetical protein743e-13
1630933037.9Plu3445, unnamed protein875e-17
1730330941.2Plu3444, unnamed protein1406e-33
1854954340.3Plu3443, unnamed protein1654e-40
191,3231,37444.6DRA0094, conserved hypothetical2076e-52
201,4161,46441.2CV2139, conserved hypothetical4321e-120
211,2781,24838.0HD1557, bacteriophage Mu GP30-like2114e-53
22189NA33.9No significant homologyNANA
2350148941.1HD1558, bacteriophage Mu G-like1278e-29
241,1041,09243.0Plu3438, hypothetical protein2897e-77
2592792438.5CV2134, hypothetical protein2099e-53
263181,01438.1Erp22, B. burgdorferi OM protein552e-07
2743544741.9Plu3435, hypothetical protein992e-20
2849846242.0CV2130, hypothetical protein971e-19
291,3861,42541.2ORF 1, E. carotovora tail sheath protein3741e-102
3051952241.7ORF 2, E. carotovora tail core protein1472e-34
3128534239.3PA0624, hypothetical protein430.001
322,5922,55041.3Plu3429, hypothetical protein2717e-71
3393388239.8STY1630, hypothetical protein1135e-24
3423121340.1STY1631, bacteriophage tail fiber protein801e-14
351,0651,17039.6CV2118, bacteriophage regulatory protein2797e-74
3660940242.0Plu3426, phage baseplate component1211e-26
3736635739.7STM4203, phage baseplate protein744e-13
381,1071,10142.8STY1635, bacteriophage baseplate protein2569e-67
3957057641.8STY1636, bacteriophage tail fiber protein1455e-34
401,7102,77539.2HP1p38, phage tail fiber protein6081e-172
4160363036.2HP2p34, phage tail collar3615e-99
4250145637.9Hflu2020135, enoyl-coenzyme A hydratase/carnithine racemase2516e-66
4312011734.2HI1522.1, Mu-like prophage protein Com746e-13
4484688838.5HI1523, hypothetical protein4121e-114
  • a Actual size of ORF in the F3031 genomic island.

  • b Size of the homolog.

  • c Letters followed by locus numbers are as dictated by finished sequences. HI represents locus numbers from H. influenzae Rd KW20, Haso from H. somnus 2336, Hflu from H. influenzae R2866, HD from H. ducreyi 35000HP, CV from C. violaceum ATCC 12472, Plu from P. luminescens subsp. laumondii TT01, DR from D. radiodurans R1, PAO from P. aeruginosa PAO1, STM from S. enterica serovar Typhimurium LT2, and STY S. enterica subsp. enterica serovar Typhi CT18.

  • d A score of <40 was not considered significant.

  • e Blastx analysis using the NCBI website was used to get the expectation value (E-value).

  • f NA, not applicable.