Genetic loci disrupted in mutants of APEC strain IMT5155 Nalr identified by STM

In vivo-identified mutant classMutant nameSimilar E. coli genes (GenBank)
GeneaAccession no.% identityaPutative function
CapsuleM03A03 kpsM ECU59301 97Polysaccharide transport
M03E05 kpsM ECU59301 Polysaccharide transport
M18H02 kpsS AAN82139 99Polysaccharide transport
Colanic acidM03G02 wcaE AF320069 97Putative glycosyltransferase
LPSM13F03 waaW AAN82886 99LPS R1 core biosynthesis region
M12D10 waaW AAN82886 98LPS R1 core biosynthesis region
M03D10 waaL NP_756310 97Polymer ligase
M00G10NoneNone0O-antigen synthesisb
Iron uptake systemM04E08 sitB AAN80284 98Iron transporter
M11B04 chuA AAN82744 Heme utilization/transport protein
Membrane and periplasmic proteinsM17F12 mppA ECU88242 97Periplasmic murein peptide-binding protein precursor
M19A01 narK AAN80151 93Nitrite extrusion
M19B12None AAN80227 100Transport, drug/analog sensitivity
M08E08 sbmA AAN78960 96Putative membrane, drug/analog sensitivity, possible envelope
Metabolic enzymesM00C03 R3 AAN81852 98Beta-cystathionase
M04C10 tktA AAN81968 91Transketolase 1 enzyme, central intermediary metabolism
RegulatorsM14G11 carP CAA60164 91Pyrimidine regulation
M18E10 yjjQ NP_757290 98Putative regulator
UnknownM03C05 ykgC NP_752357 100Putative oxidoreductase
M11E02 malX NP_755283 98Phosphotransferase system
M17E09 ygcW AAC75816 100Hypothetical oxidoreductase
M00C03 ycjM NP_753684 98Putative polysaccharide hydrolase
M13H03None AAN81851 96Phosphosugar isomerase
M18E07 ychF NP_753566 100GTP-binding proteins
M18B06None AAB40738 99Inserted sequence
M16D12 yahA AAC73418 100Unknown
M00B02 yagM AAC73382 96Unknown
M02E05None NP_755082 98Unknown, hypothetical protein
  • a Genetic locus with the closest match to the sequence interrupted by the transposon in each mutant.

  • b As determined in this study.