Protection against experimental infection after immunization with recombinant full-length TprI

Immunization statusTotal no. rabbitsNo. of RPR-positive rabbits (%)No. of TPHA positive rabbits (%)No. of WB positivearabbits (%)No. of dark-field positive lesions/total (%)No. of ulcerative lesions/total (%)Status of rabbits after challenge (%)
C. trachomatis OMP2 immunized33/3 (100)3/3 (100)3/3 (100)16/20 (80)20/24 (83.3)3/3 infected (100)
Full-length rTprI immunized33/3 (100)3/3 (100)3/3 (100)Not determined0/24 (0)3/3 infected (100)
  • a All four antigens (TpN47, TmpA, TpN17, and TpN15) (15) were recognized by all samples when sera from TprI-immunized and OMP2-immunized rabbits were tested.